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Annual Global Cybersecurity Summit | 12th-13th Sep.2019 |Vienna – Austria

Halcyon group is pleased to invite you to Annual Global Cybersecurity and Data Protection Summit scheduled to take place on 12th-13th Sept. 2019, Vienna – Austria.

The Summit gives you an opportunity to connect with experts to discuss evolving threats and how to avoid the worst. During the summit you will hear Experts from various industries speak on next level advancements in Cyber Security Tools, analyse how safe your company is, learn about the developing Cyber threats, understand the current threats and how deal with it. The summits represent new thinking on how to shield your company for a secure digital transformation.
This B2B event will bring together experts from all levels of the value chain to connect, network, share and learn from each other. After the summit you will leave with meaningful connections and vital industry knowledge which will help you to safe guard your company for future threats.
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in this Summit. We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit in Vienna, Austria.

Key Practical Learning Points:

• A roadmap to shield your enterprise and best practices in Cyber Security
• IoT and Industrial IoT: Risks and Concerns
• New cybersecurity tools and resources for integrators
• Blockchain & Cybersecurity
• The Future of Digital Business Security
• The business of cyber, from liabilities to opportunities
• Critical Infrastructure Security
• Introducing a New Way of Thinking into your Cyber Strategy
• What are the Building Blocks of a Future Proof Zero Trust Approach?
• Cloud Security Services Evaluation & Performance
• How to improve your firm’s cyber posture
• Security as a Requirement for Governance & Privacy
• Cyber Threat Intelligence
• Cyber-hardening of integrated security systems
• AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
• User Behavior Analytics
• Application Security, Agility & Development

 Who should Attend

• CSOs/CISOs/security leadership
• IT and cybersecurity leaders
• Security systems integrators
• Integration engineers
• Product developers and manufacturers
• Senior technology business executives
• Security specifiers and engineers
• Security consultants
• Anyone who is responsible for the cybersecurity of integrated security systems!


For more details please contact Marketing Director Claire Heidi – claire.heidi@halcyongroup.eu cc: info@halcyongroup.cz

Wish to join as a speaker or recommend a speaker please contact Production Director Rachel Bertran – rachel.bertran@halcyongroup.cz

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