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5th Annual Inclusion and Diversity Virtual Summit | 16th – 17th November 2023 Austria | CET Time

On behalf of Halcyon Group, I am honored to invite you to  5th Annual Inclusion and Diversity Summit, scheduled to take place on 16th – 17th November 2023.

The Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit is a gathering of Diversity, Equity, Equality, Inclusion, Culture, Talent, and Human Resources practitioners, that will connect, benchmark, network, and focus on key strategies, practices, and ideas to create long-term, impactful, change during this unprecedented time in history. During these uncertain times, it’s important to create and maintain relationships with like-minded professionals, and the Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit fosters these relationships – all from the safety and comfort of our homes or offices.



Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

Who Should Attend:
CEOs, Directors, SVP, VPs, Directors, Heads & Managers Including:
• CEOs
• Presidents
• Vice Presidents
• Members of the Board of Directors
• Managing Directors
• Chief Officers
• Diversity&Inclusion
• Human Resources
• Head of Departments
• Senior Managers
• Partners
• Government Officials
• Directors
• Managers
• Trainers
• Aspiring Women leaders

For more details please contact Petra Mueller – petra.mueller@halcyongroup.events cc: info@halcyongroup.eu



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