4th Annual Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Global Summit | 15th– 16th October 2020 |Online CEST Time Zone | Halcyon Group

4th Annual Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Global Summit | 15th– 16th October 2020 |Online CEST Time Zone


Halcyon Group is pleased to invite you to “4th Annual Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Global Summit” scheduled to take place on 15th – 16th October, 2020, Online CEST Time Zone.

This B2B Summit gives you the opportunity to connect with decision makers from diverse industries around the world to discuss current challenges and explore trends shaping tomorrow’s business in the dynamic digital world.
The summit will bring together CXO’s, VPs, Directors, Senior Officials, Managers, Heads of Department across a wide range of industries. The full 2 day Summit of inspirational speakers, knowledge sharing, group discussions and action planning, is a unique opportunity for you to come together to learn and explore with experts from different industries. After the summit you will leave with meaningful connections and vital industry knowledge that will ignite success to move your business forward in the coming future. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Summit.

Key Practical Learning Points:
• How can we find a good balance and co-operation between humans and machines?
• Culture & change management programs: the fundamentals in achieving digital transformation excellence program.
• Keeping customers happy in a digitally demanding world.
• Creating an Agile organization in a disruptive environment
• Transform your Digital strategy to the needs of the customer
• Latest Tools and Methodologies to enhance a smooth Digital Transformation journey.
• Leadership skills for the 4th industrial revolution to enable long lasting change and cultural transformation across your organisation
• Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Protecting your data assets
• How to achieve true business performance excellence with Operational Agility
• Technology in supporting business decisions. Can I trust Artificial Intelligence and Computer Algorithms for my business decisions?
• Digitally Transform Your Operations – Robotics ,Process Automation and other disruptive technologies.
• How to synchronize your technology strategy and overall business strategy to create value and gain competitive advantage.
• Data analytics: Construct more effective processes through real-time analytics and business intelligence
• Diversifying your business model with design thinking
• Customer centricity: Reinvent the customer experience and foster loyalty through operational excellence
• Optimizing your organization’s costs, quality, speed and customer service to significantly impact your bottom line.
• Business transformation: Link processes and operations to company strategy and values to deliver sustainable enterprise-wide transformation
• Digital technologies and business models that are radically changing competitive dynamics across industries


CEOs, SVP, VPs, Directors, Heads & Managers:
• Operational Excellence
• Digital Transformation
• Process Excellence
• Business Excellence
• Transformation
• Business Process Management
• Strategy
• Business Unit
• Business Transformation
• Lean
• Organizational Design
• Performance
• Change Management
• Digital Platform
• Customer Experience
• Strategy and Performance

For more information, please contact Head of Marketing Claire Heidi claire.heidi@halcyongroup.eu / cc info@halcyongroup.cz

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