Halcyon Group is pleased to invite you to the “5TH ANNUAL R&D DATA INTELLIGENCE SUMMIT ”, scheduled on November 13th-14th, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.
Achieving excellence with R&D data will enable the life sciences industry to increase the speed and quality of innovation and is thus a major source of competitive advantage. Whether researchers and informaticians deal with “big data,” “deep data” or just put their data to smarter use, it is clear that the future of R&D is dependent on both smart technologies and clever researchers. The rapid progress of innovation in software and powerful hardware now allows human researchers to interpret masses of amounts of raw data in unique ways and is redefining the R&D business model. The benefits range from discovery and “omics” research, through to clinical trials and to real patients in the real-world. However, it is major technical, financial and operational challenge to turn “messy” data into structured data, that can be used for advanced analytics that can spot opportunities and achieve true insights. Some of the most promising areas of technological innovation making rapid progress include, for example, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and the blockchain (distributed ledgers). There is also huge potential for efficient collaborations between the life science industry, technology companies, academic researchers, health systems, physicians and health insurers. A deeper convergence between key stakeholders and advanced technologies will facilitate the discovery and development of powerful therapies, devices and advanced diagnostics to benefit patients.
The “R&D Data Intelligence Summit” is the must attend event for those senior decision-makers, researchers and technologists,looking to make the shift towards an integrated R&D and data strategy and for those looking to improve their implementation of data driven approaches to enhance R&D decision-making and intelligence.

Key Practical Learning Points:
Strategic Developments in R&D Big Data
Discovery & Omics Data Excellence
Clinical & Patient Level Data Excellence
R&D IT & Bioinformatics
Digital Health Collaborations
Artificial Intelligence for Drug

Who should Attend:-

VPs Directors & Senior Managers involved in:
Drug Discovery, R&D, Lead Identification & Target Validation, Screening,
Translational R&D, Genomics & Proteomics,
Biomarker R&D, Senior Scientist, Biostatistics, Biometrics, Precision Medicine,
Personalised Medicine, Computational Biology.
Clinical Development, Clinical Data Management, e-Clinical, Electronic Data
Management, Health Economics &
Outcomes Research, Real-World Evidence Generation, Late-Phase Research,
Epidemiology, Drug safety & Pharmacovigilance

Scientific Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers,
Knowledge & Data Management (Discovery, Clinical
& Real-World Data), R&D Analytics, Informatics, R&D Innovation, External
Alliances & Innovation, R&D Strategy

Information Technology & Services, R&D IT, IT Hardware &
Infrastructure, Software, Database Management.
Stream B: eHealth, mHealth, Connected Health, Digital Health Solutions,
Strategic Medical Innovation, Business Development,
Strategic Collaborations, Alliances, External Innovation, Patient Engagement

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