2nd Annual Global Innovative Plastics Summit |7-8 June,2018|Amsterdam-Netherlands | Halcyon Group

2nd Annual Global Innovative Plastics Summit |7-8 June,2018|Amsterdam-Netherlands


Halcyon Group is pleased to invite you to the Annual Global Innovative Plastics Summit scheduled on 7-8 June, 2018, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Several industries are turning to plastics due to its advantages over metal; such as reduction of the weight, fuel efficiency, improved safety, environmental friendliness and sustainability attributes. These revolutionary changes suggest a critical need to rethink plastics architecture and materials requirements. Versatile, durable, and lightweight plastics, plastic composites and plastic-metal hybrid materials that increase the efficiency and functionality of today’s products hold immense potential to radically enable and optimize advanced product technologies for the future.
This premier B2B event will bring together experts, producer, suppliers, and academia to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges with plastics design, migration and optimization, to network and enjoy the excellent mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions, speed networking and workshops.


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For more details please contact Petra Mueller - petra.mueller@halcyongroup.eu cc: info@halcyongroup.eu

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